American Friends of the German Archaeological Institute
ivory tags from the necropolis in Dra‘ Abu el-Naga, (around 3200 B.C.), Egypt

The German Archaeological Institute (DAI) is the most significant research establishment in Germany in the field of archaeology and one of the largest worldwide. It focuses on research of archaeological antiquity as well as supporting relations amongst international scholars.

The establishment of the American Friends of the German Archaeological Institute based in New York was a logical step, as the connections between American and German archaeology have traditionally been very close and have become even more so in recent times.

The Annual Report of the president of the DAI is now online available and can be whatched in german at the Channel of the DAI at Youtube.

The Archaeological Institute of America (AIA), the sister organisation of the DAI in the United States, was also established in the 19th century and shares a similar history to its German counterpart. American research institutes, such as the American School in Athens, work in close collaboration with the local branch of the DAI. Over the past years, German and American archaeologists have worked together to bring the research of Troy to another level. A scholarship programme initiated by the DAI and the AIA assists and encourages the exchange of academics from both countries, in particular the new generation of talented scholars.

Upcoming Event: Annual Dinner of the American Friends of the German Archaeological Institute on 19 October 2017
For further information please download the Invitation (PDF)

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